Our Team of Cardiologists

Our medical imaging specialists devote themselves to bringing the best evidence based medicine to patients. Their goal is to provide you with the best cardiovascular care.

Michael Mancina MD - Cardiologist was trained as an invasive coronary and peripheral interventionist, and non invasive cardiologist trained by the inventor of Echocardiography and Stress Echocardiography. He received special training with the first American Cardiologist to train with the Swiss inventor of balloon angioplasty (Gruenzig). He has clinical experience with one of the country's most renowned cardiology groups. Prior to clinical practice he did vascular research that led to the development of a research model used worldwide to culture cardiac muscle cells for clinical pharmacologic research. Mike recognized the advantage of early diagnose of CV risk and valued the ability of non-cardiologists to treat their patients who are in the early stages of CV disease. He has been a clinical educator and directed the development of SonoNet Ultraosund Imaging, bringing the tools of CV imaging to other clinical offices outside the fields of cardiology and radiology.
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Eighty five percent of CV disorders are asymptomatic for years. In most cases heart disease can be identified before it is symptomatic and slowed, halted, or reversed.